ACOG District XII Meeting

Office Administrators Program

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Saturday, August 12

8:00─8:45 AM

Disaster Preparedness Plan

L. Michael Fleischman, FAAHC

8:45─10:00 AM

Cyber Security Protection: Tips to Improve and Secure Your Practice

Greg Meyers

10:00-10:45 AM


10:50─11:20 AM

Fee Schedule Review and Analysis

L. Michael Fleischman, FAAHC

11:20 AM─12:20 PM

How to Set-up a Corporate Wellness Program on a Budget

Laura Asta, EdD, RN, CHC, CTTS, Maria Weremchuk, RN, CHC, TTS & Bonnie Winn, RN, CHC

12:25─1:25 PM


1:25─2:25 PM

Developing and Managing a Budget for Your Practice

J. Kyle Howell, CPA

2:25─3:10 PM

Lease vs. Buying Equipment: What You Should Know

J. Kyle Howell, CPA

3:10─3:30 PM

Questions & Answers/Wrap-Up

3:30 PM


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