ACOG District XII Meeting

2022 ACOG DXII Annual Meeting Sponsors


The ACOG FASD Program educates ob-gyns about universal screening and brief intervention for risky alcohol use, including any use during pregnancy. The program is a grant funded initiative of the CDC, and all of our resources and opportunities are offered free of charge. These include a speakers bureau available to present at grand rounds, online trainings available for CME and MOC part IV credit, handouts for patients and providers, a state-by-state resource directory for referral to treatment, FAQs, and more.

AdventHealth for Women

AdventHealth for Women offers a whole person approach to health care that embraces women at every stage of their lives from well-woman checkups and mammograms to OB care and pelvic health. Our nationally recognized care is focused on delivering health care that is coordinated, comprehensive and convenient. Learn more at

Aspira Women’s Health

Aspira Women’s Health: Aspira Women’s Health Inc. is transforming women’s health with the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative testing options and bio-analytical solutions that help physicians assess risk, optimize patient management, and improve gynecologic health outcomes for women. Aspira Women’s Health is particularly focused on solutions that perform broadly across patient types and closing the ethnic disparity gap in ovarian cancer risk assessment.
OVA1plus™ combines our FDA-cleared products, OVA1® and OVERA®, to evaluate risk of ovarian malignancy in women with adnexal masses that are planned for surgery. Aspira GenetiX™ testing offers both targeted and comprehensive genetic testing options with a gynecologic focus. With over 10 years of expertise in ovarian cancer risk assessment, Aspira Women’s Health is working to deliver a portfolio of pelvic mass products over a patient’s lifetime with our cutting-edge research and development of women’s health risk assessments driven by proprietary biomarker panels and proprietary machine learning driven algorithms. The next generation of products in development include OVAWatch™ for adnexal masses and EndoCheck™ for endometriosis. To maximize patient and provider access to our suite of solutions, Aspira Women’s Health has recently launched our Aspira Synergy™ technology transfer platform which empowers health systems, academics, regional labs, and physician group labs to conduct genetic and specialty tests in-house.
Visit our website for more information

Bayer Healthcare


Traditional non-invasive prenatal screening focuses on assessing a fetus’ risk for larger chromosomal changes (e.g., an extra chromosome such as trisomy 21). But several common and severe conditions are the result of much smaller genetic changes that are not as abundant in the maternal bloodstream. Sickle cell disease, for example, is an inherited condition caused by a base pair alteration within a single gene.

Identifying these tiny changes within cfDNA is complex because the fragments are small and sparse compared to the wildtype variations and vast maternal DNA in the background. BillionToOne’s proprietary molecular counting technology, or Quantitative Counting TemplatesTM (QCTs), quantifies DNA fragments (molecules) to detect conditions caused by tiny DNA variations that can be sparse in the bloodstream. These include pregnancy-related DNA that code for recessively inherited conditions such as sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis. .Our molecular counting technology makes our commercially available non-invasive prenatal test, UNITY Screen, possible. UNITY is the only NIPT that can assess fetal risk for recessive conditions and aneuploidies from a single maternal blood draw.

Channel Medsystems


CooperSurgical is driven to advance the care of women, babies and families around the world. We believe in empowering individuals and healthcare professionals in making health and life choices. We are trusted by clinicians worldwide for products, technologies and services that support a wide range of reproductive solutions, from contraception to fertility and preventative and therapeutic gynecological care.

DYSIS Medical Inc.

DYSIS® is computer-aided colposcopy with innovative cervical mapping that quantifies acetowhitening and creates the color-coded DYSISmap designed to help healthcare professionals efficiently detect cervical lesions. The IMPROVE-COLPO study demonstrated an increased detection of patients with high-grade lesions by 44% when the DYSISmap was used for biopsy selection after a thorough visual colposcopic assessment. DYSIS is used by clinicians globally.

Exact Sciences

A leading provider of cancer screening and diagnostic tests, Exact Sciences relentlessly pursues smarter solutions providing the clarity to take life-changing action, earlier. Building on the success of Cologuard and Oncotype tests, Exact Sciences is investing in its product pipeline to support patients before and throughout their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Exact Sciences unites visionary collaborators to help advance the fight against cancer. For more information, please visit the company's website at, follow Exact Sciences on Twitter @ExactSciences, or find Exact Sciences on Facebook.

Florida Behavioral Health IMPACT

The Florida BH IMPACT Program is an innovative initiative by the Florida Department of Health (DOH), the Florida State University (FSU) College of Medicine and the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative (FLMMHC). The program expands screening for: depression, anxiety, and substance use; and access to needed services for prenatal, pregnant, and postpartum women. The program aims to promote maternal and child health by building the capacity of health care providers to address these critical issues through professional development, expert consultation and support, and dissemination of best practices. OUR GOAL: Improving the identification and treatment of pregnant and postpartum women who experience behavioral health and substance use disorders.

Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association

The Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association (NICA) was created by the Florida Legislature in 1988. NICA is a statutory organization that manages the Florida Birth Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan ("Plan") used to pay for the care of infants born with certain neurological injuries. This Plan is available to eligible families statewide without litigation.

Florida Blue

Florida Blue is a leader in Florida's health care industry. Our mission is to help people and communities achieve better health. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., it is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.



At Gynesonics, our mission is to advance women's health by developing transcervical, uterus-preserving, incision-free technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. We are committed to providing women with a safe and effective incision-free alternative to the invasive surgical techniques of hysterectomy or myomectomy for their symptomatic uterine fibroids.

Heme Onc Call

The country's first telemedicine hematology practice. We provide expert hematology advice and management via telemedicine format for blood disorders and blood cancers. We specialize in women's health hematology, iron deficiency, clotting, bleeding, abnormal blood counts, and chronic leukemia (CML and CLL).


A global leader in women’s health, Hologic enables people to lead healthier lives everywhere, every day, with options for screening, detection and treatment. The Diagnostic Solutions division delivers on this commitment by developing and providing innovative cytology, molecular and perinatal testing. Our Panther® instrumentation and Aptima® and Panther Fusion® assays help guide patient care and enable earlier detection. With our menu of 19 assays, plus 6 in development, you can consolidate your molecular testing today and meet your lab’s growing needs tomorrow. We’re dedicated to improving patient care through solutions that provide greater peace of mind for all women.

Janssen Biotech, Inc.

Please visit the Janssen Immunology Medical Affairs Booth to learn more about our medical activities.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We support research, lead programs and provide education and advocacy so that every baby can have the best possible start. Building on a successful 80-year legacy of impact and innovation, we empower every mom and every family.

Mayne Pharma

Mayne Pharma is focused on applying its track record of innovation and success to commercialize branded and generic pharmaceuticals, offering patients better and more accessible medicines. The company has an extensive Women's Health portfolio focused on contraceptives, including its flagship, newly FDA-approved, novel birth control pill.

Minerva Surgical

Modernizing Medicine

The ModMed OBGYN suite is a cloud-based, electronic health records (EHR) system designed to adapt to each doctor’s style of practice, remembering preferences and automatically suggesting documentation and billing codes. Available on a tablet or the web, EMA®, our EHR, works seamlessly with our other products and services including Practice Management, revenue cycle management, ModMed Telehealth, ModMed Pay, patient engagement tools, and more.

Myovant Sciences

We aspire to redefine care for women and for men through purpose-driven science, empowering medicines, and transformative advocacy. Our purpose is resolute and fueled by the opportunity to improve the lives of millions of women and men, many impacted by diseases during their most productive years of life.

Ob Hospitalist Group


Organon is a global women’s healthcare company. The company has a portfolio of more than 60 medicines and products, including the Jada System, a medical device for the control and treatment of abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding or hemorrhage when conservative management is warranted.

Orlando Health Medical Group


Pacira BioSciences, Inc. is the industry leader in its commitment to non-opioid pain management and regenerative health solutions to improve patients’ journeys along the neural pain pathway. To learn more about Pacira, including the corporate mission to reduce overreliance on opioids, visit

Sage Therapeutics

Sage is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing novel therapies with the potential to transform the lives of people with debilitating disorders of the brain. We are pursuing new pathways with the goal of improving brain health, and our depression, neurology and neuropsychiatry franchise programs aim to change how brain disorders are thought about and treated. Our mission is to pioneer solutions with the potential to deliver life-changing brain health medicines, so every person can thrive.


SCYNEXIS is pioneering innovative medicines to help millions of patients worldwide overcome and prevent difficult-to-treat infections that are becoming increasingly drug-resistant. Our lead asset, ibrexafungerp (formerly known as SCY-078), is a broad-spectrum, IV/oral antifungal agent representing a novel therapeutic class being developed for community and hospital-based fungal infections. On June 1, 2021, ibrexafungerp received its first FDA approval as an oral antifungal product with the trade name BREXAFEMME®(ibrexafungerp tablets) for the treatment of adult and post-menarchal females with Vulvovaginal Candidiasis. Please visit for full product information.



As a multi-specialty, physician-owned and physician-led group, VitalMD Group Holding, LLC is different – you are able to maintain control of clinical decisions while gaining ownership in a large group and administrative support from a contracted Management Services Organization (MSO). Through the MSO, physicians are provided with tools and resources to improve, optimize and protect the practice, and allowed more time to focus on patients. With more than 700 affiliated providers at nearly 300 subsidiary LLCs, you’ll find a collegial group of doctors covering a broad range of specialties, with offices of all different sizes.

Watson Clinic

Since our inception in 1941, Watson Clinic has evolved into one of the largest and most successful medical groups in the Southeast United States and our robust medical staff has distinguished themselves as healthcare leaders in our community. Our extensive multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to ensure continuity of care. As a result, patients and providers enjoy efficient referrals within the Clinic. Watson Clinic is well-known for introducing innovative technology and procedures and is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment. Our lucrative practice is governed by a physician-led Board of Directors. Watson Clinic is Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. For more information about this opportunity, please contact Watson Clinic Professional Services at or call 863-680-7380.